We offer consultant services to a diverse range of over 100 schools and school districts (including Charter Schools) across the United States. Some of our service areas are listed below.



Whether your school or school district requires short-term or long-term solutions, our expert team will help you successfully turnaround your school or school district for a path of sustainable success.



"The CTQ Group provides an ideaological teaching platform based on real life experiences. The Team's pragmatic approach to 21st Century Teaching and Learning resonates with our beliefs that all students can learn. The Beacon Learning Community partnered with The CTQ Group to host its inaugural Cultural Competency Saturday Academy for New Teachers. Our goal was to help new teachers understand the power of cultural awareness in their practice. Witnessing participants ferver for understanding and developing culturally relevant lesson plans was invigorating...If students are a derivative of their teachers...I'm excited about the renewed sense of passion the Professional Development brought to our teachers and the impact it will have on our students success." 

Mia Smith, Beacon School Initiative, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


"The CTQ Group provided our teaches a unique experience by sharing their stories and turnkey strategies for address cultural competency in their classrooms. Teachers valued the work time they had to develop culturally relevant lessons to implement soon after the professional development session. The presenting team is a flexible group of individuals who care about the teachers to whom they present and therefore the students they teach.

Linda Rhyne, Beacon School Initiative, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


"The professional development was very real and connected to our children in our schools."


"I enjoyed what each presenter had to offer, from real life experiences and how to apply it to the classroom and create cultural relevance."


"I enjoyed the examples for making our standards culturally relevant and the time you gave us to think of ways to make standards culturally relevant."


"I greatly benefited from the piece about how we need to make our lessons culturally relevant. I plan to work to create "powerful" lessons that will engage my students."


"The sessions were very interactive and I think that was key. The participants had no problem staying engaged."


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